Clearing Driver Records

The Washington State Department of Licensing maintains its own record of everything that relates to your driving record including traffic tickets, collisions, driving related criminal convictions, and any suspensions of your license. The Department of Licensing calls this an “Abstract of Driver’s Record” or more simply a “Driver’s Abstract.”

If your profession involves driving, this record or ‘abstract’ can be as important in determining your ability to gain employment as any criminal record maintained by the State Patrol or Federal Bureau of Investigation. That is why it is essential to keep this record as clear as possible.

The DOL will maintain certain records, such as a conviction for driving under the influence, forever. But many other records can and should be deleted after a certain amount of time. Most speeding tickets and other driving infractions can be removed after 5 years. Suspensions and revocations of your  license can be removed after 10 years.

If you have been accused of driving under the influence, but the Department of Licensing determined that your license should not be suspended, the record of your alleged DUI, including the blood alcohol level may still being maintained as a public record.

The DOL may delete these records on their own without any effort from you, but sometimes these records are maintained through error or accident, and may continue having a negative impact on your life even after they should have been erased. An experienced attorney can help you to convince the Department of Licensing to remove negative information from your driver’s abstract.

Dealing with the DOL can be difficult and confusing, our attorneys can guide you through the bureaucracy to ensure that your record remains as clear as possible.

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